A-Z Products & Services

  • FCS 1000 

  • FES 1001 

  • FVS 1000

  • FDVMS 1000

  • Virtual Agents

  • Prepaid Hosted Systems

  • Prepaid Calling Card System

  • Broadband Phone services

  • VoIP Telephony

  • SS7 Networks

  • Wireless Radio Networks

  • IVR solutions

  • Speech Auto Attendant

  • Hosted IVR

  • ACD

  • Value Added Services





Flexible Communications Server 1000

Next Generation Enterprise PBX supporting both PSTN and VoIP lines


Flexible Enterprise Server 1001

Enterprise solution package (VoIP based all-in-one PBX, IVR, ACD, and CTI solution)


Flexible Voice Server 1000

Interactive Voice Response with speech solution


Flexible Directory and Voice Mail Server 1000

Enterprise Auto Attendant and Voice Mail solution


Virtual Agent Solution

Remote agent network solution


Prepaid/Postpaid Calling Card Server system 


Professional Services


FlexSolv Networks Phone Services


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