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On-Site Telecommunications Training

Our on-site telecommunications trainings are instructor led trainings that are carefully designed and delivered by extremely high quality industry experts. Having real-world practical experience, being eloquent and effective communicators, our instructors tailor their course delivery by incorporating the latest industry development from around the world, and the requirements of professional job seekers. The course materials are professionally prepared to provide in-depth, to-the-point, and highly useful information delivered via a 1-day or 2-day session. After completion of these courses, students should be able to understand how telecommunications networks actually work from end-to-end. Students should be able to apply for modern telecom jobs with high confidence in mind.


Currently available courses

         Industry Telecommunications Networks (1 day)

         Wireless Communications (1 day)

         Fiber to the home (FTTH) Installation (1 day)

         Optical Fiber Splicing (Fusion Splicing) (Half day)

         Basics of Data Networks (1 day)

         Converged PSTN and VoIP Networks (1 day)

         Integrated Voice, Data, and Wireless Networks (2 day)

         Enterprise Telecommunications Networks (2 day)

         Carrier Telecommunications Networks (2 day)

         Network Quality of Services (QoS) (1 day)



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